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Perfect for chefs, general managers, and owners

FoodBAM makes inventory, recipe costing, and food cost management as easy as slapping a burger on a bun.

Take inventory in minutes

Easily count your inventory right from your mobile device. On-hand values are calculated automatically based on the purchase price.
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Recipe costing made easy

Build your recipes and the prices for each ingredient are updated in real time with every purchase. This allows you to easily view menu item price trends & which ingredients/menu items are pushing you above your food cost goals. Monitor the high velocity ingredients closely, as they can most affect your food cost.

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Save money with us

FoodBAM’s back-of-house restaurant software offers savings opportunities at every click or tap.  Restaurants can compare item prices using Inventory View, find item matches with savings suggestions, and uncover rebate opportunities as they place orders.  Plus, smart restaurant managers can utilize FoodBAM’s analytics features to view purchases by category, distributor or time period, making it easier than ever to analyze restaurant purchasing data.  The more a restaurant uses FoodBAM’s software, the more it learns about that restaurant’s preferences and the software can make smarter and more relevant savings recommendations.

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Order from all your vendors

FoodBAM makes ordering a breeze for restaurants AND distributors.  Chefs and restaurant owners can search their distributors’ product catalogs and add items to their orders from their phones or computers.  Purchase orders are routed to distributors in an easy, standardized format.  All orders and prices are saved in the system, making re-orders a snap.

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Customer Stories

“Best software I’ve seen in the industry, I’m looking forward to growing with you”


CEO at City Greens, New Orleans, LA


“It used to take me hours to do my ordering, now I have it down to 15 mins thanks to FoodBAM!”

Richard Dennis

Chef/Owner at Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, MA

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