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Reorder with Ease

October 10, 2018 by FoodBAM Admin

FoodBAM’s reordering feature has you in mind

Your barber knows exactly how you like your hair. Your spouse knows just how much cream and sugar you want in your coffee. And Amazon knows that you order a 20-pack of toilet paper every other month. We take these things for granted… and that’s a good thing.  FoodBAM brings that comfortable, familiar feeling to restaurant purchasing with our simple-to-use Reorder feature.

Most FoodBAM customers have a set list of times that they purchase once a week, or even several times a week.  These lists, which include approximately 100 items on average, really don’t vary all that much from week-to-week.  Instead of having to add these items one-by-one to the FoodBAM cart – or worse, having to list the items on a paper and place a call, text or email to each distributor rep – our technology allows FoodBAM Customers to cut down their time and simply re-load a past order.


Once the order is loaded in your shopping cart, it’s easy to add or take away items and to compare prices across vendors on the items that are in your cart.

And yes!  You can re-order from multiple distributors. Typically, our customers keep separate orders for each distributor and re-order grocery, specialty, beverage or liquor orders from each distributor as needed.

This feature, which FoodBAM built in 2017 in response to customer requests, makes it easy to save time and develop consistency on your products and prices.  To complete a re-order, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go into your order history screen  (Click into “Order History” from the menu bar)


2. Find the previous order that you’d like to re-order


3. Hover over the order and click yellow re-order button


4. All of the items from that order will be automatically added to your shopping cart


5. Click on the linking rings symbol to compare prices on those items


6. Swap out any items that you’d like to change out

7. Hit Checkout.


8. Sip your cocktail, you deserve it!



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“Best software I’ve seen in the industry, I’m looking forward to growing with you”


CEO at City Greens, New Orleans, LA


“It used to take me hours to do my ordering, now I have it down to 15 mins thanks to FoodBAM!”

Richard Dennis

Chef/Owner at Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, MA

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