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How to calculate pack size conversion: No math required

January 7, 2019 by FoodBAM Admin

How to calculate pack-size conversion: No math required

When it comes to your ordering, one of the most frustrating situations can be normalizing your products from different vendors. It may have seemed like a brilliant idea when your sales rep offered you a cheaper alternative to your normal 50lb bag of sugar, but now when you’re staring at several 15oz containers, you’re not sure how to compare your week to week inventory usage. Plus, you have to calculate your ounces into pounds and then back to ounces to re-order back to your par level. Do you grab your calculator and start doing the conversions? Google how many ounces in a gallon? Give up and just go home? At FoodBAM we understand the frustration chefs may have in normalizing their ordering data, and our software offers an easy way to move forward.

FoodBAM has a pack size converter built into our software that allows you to normalize the package sizes and weights of your products to easily compare them. No matter which vendor they come from or their case sizes, FoodBAM can help you convert most of these sizes and weights into comparable units. With just a few clicks you can avoid the heavy calculations and iron out the differences between cases, units, pounds, ounces, and more depending on how your distributor or manufacturer packages out your items.

For example, instead of looking at sugar in both ounce containers and bags in pounds, with FoodBAM you can normalize these items into one measurable and comparable unit. Our built-in conversion formula saves you the hassle of converting oz to gallons or lbs to kg and does it all in one click.

Armed with that information, you can:

  • Properly assess if that cheaper price of sugar turns your 1-50lb bag of sugar into 25-15oz containers you don’t have space for
  • Compare cases of avocados to per unit if you want to add on to your order from a different distributor
  • Replace a close coded item.
  • and more!

The pack size converter also has the added benefit of saving you time during your re-ordering. With that extra time, you could use the converter to do some recipe costing and help you turn previously immeasurable or non-normalized counts into comparable numbers.

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