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How To Run A Restaurant with Less Staff and Less Money

January 19, 2021 by FoodBAM Admin

With restaurants running low on staff and funds these days, more and more operators are looking to technology to streamline their operation and pick up the extra slack with less staff and less money. When the pandemic first hit, were you one of the chefs or owners who had to cut their staff and add more to your plate? Were you forced to jump into mutliple roles while trying to navigate the new challenges presented to you everyday?

Here are 3 ways technology can help keep you above water while your staff and funds are lower than normal:

Take On Inventory Management with Less Staff and Less Money

With less staff and less money to run your kitchen, who has the time to place orders over the phone, comb through spreadsheets or add up inventory? Inventory management is one of the most important areas of restaurant management because, let’s face it – if you don’t have enough inventory you can’t feed your hungry paying customers.

As more and more take-out orders and hot plates stack up in the kitchen window, it’s easy to put inventory management on the bottom of the priority list. This is not ideal when it comes to ensuring you’re not overspending and keeping high demand items in your walk-in fully stocked.

At Foodbam, we know your time is precious. Our restaurant inventory management system digitizes the entire inventory process, making inventory cleaner, quicker, easier and more accurate. Set your restaurant’s par levels and quickly and easily see what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered. Simply enter the current stock level and Foodbam can easily add items to your order to bring you back up to par.

No Guessing Games Here! Accounting Just Got Easier

Working with less staff and less money doesn’t mean you have to take on the responsibility of being your accountant as well. Restaurant accounting can be a daunting complex process. FoodBAM’s accounting software for restaurants integrates with your existing restaurant accounting software like QuickBooks, CTUIT and more.  With one click, restaurant managers and chefs can receive products and send data to their accountant or bookkeeper in the format they need.

Are you a restaurant owner or chef who had to let go of their bookkeeper or manager because of the pandemic? Are you stuck managing all your accounting and receiving? So much data is generated in a restaurant from order histories, prices, purchase orders, and inventory information. With the simple formatting and up-to-date information that FoodBAM’s restaurant accounting software has to offer, our technology is a nice solution to organize all your accounting information in one place. You can log in to Foodbam to see exactly how much your restaurant spent with each distributor, broken down by category and mapped to the general ledger code. Our analytics act as a “one stop shop” for accountants.

No More Instincts and Estimates! Accurate Reporting with Technology

Staying on top of all of your costs, revenue and loss is imperative to the success of a restaurant. Many operators rely on instincts and estimates to make day-to-day decisions, which is not the best route to take. This can lead to things like inventory going bad because you over ordered and going over your food cost budget for the month.

As a restaurant owner, you need to understand where all your money is being spent, which menu items are selling, and which ingredients need to go. With takeout and delivery in high demand these days, technology such as Foodbam, can maximize your reporting and help you identify high profit items and optimize your menu to support the convenient way of dining!

From product trends to business insights, Foodbam’s food cost management software can enhance your restaurant reporting and provide you with a week by week view into your spend and allows you to course-correct within a month, rather than watching your COGS in the rearview and trying to affect your food cost after the month has already closed.

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level with technology that can streamline your inventory process, accounting process and reporting? Request a demo today!

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