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Accounting and Receiving

FoodBAM helps make all of your business processes a breeze, including your accounting and receiving tasks.  With all of your order, pricing and inventory data in one handy place, it makes logical sense that FoodBAM users take advantage of our simple accounting integrations and receiving modules.


With all of your restaurant’s order histories, prices, purchase orders, and inventory information in one place – accounting becomes a relative breeze.  Your bookkeepers and managers will love simple formatting and up-to-date information that FoodBAM’s restaurant accounting software has to offer.


Use FoodBAM’s inventory and receiving features together to create a comprehensive picture of every single item that your restaurant purchases from the time of a Purchase Order, through the receiving process, storage process, and even usage. 


Receiving Feature

FoodBAM makes it simple to check in every case as it makes its way into the back door of your restaurant.  FoodBAM's complete order history makes it easy to verify products and quantities so you have a clean record of exactly what is in your restaurant, complete with data on when it was delivered, who made the delivery and who checked it in.

Accounting and Analytics

Log in to FoodBAM to see exactly how much your restaurant spent with each distributor, broken down by category and mapped to the general ledger code.  FoodBAM's analytics are the "single source of truth" for accountants.  Who doesn't want surgical access to prices, invoices and orders? 

Accounting Software Integration

FoodBAM's accounting software for restaurants integrates with your existing restaurant accounting software applications like Quickbooks, CTUIT, Restaurant365 and more.  With one click, restaurant managers can receive products and send data to their accountant or bookkeeper in the format they need.  You just made your accountant's life easier, too!

Customer Stories

“Best software I’ve seen in the industry, I’m looking forward to growing with you”


CEO at City Greens, New Orleans, LA


“It used to take me hours to do my ordering, now I have it down to 15 mins thanks to FoodBAM!”

Richard Dennis

Chef/Owner at Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, MA

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