FoodBAM and Atlantic Foods team up to bring you simple mobile ordering and inventory with big rebates!

FoodBAM and Atlantic Foods team up to bring you simple mobile ordering and inventory with big rebates! Place orders for all of your vendors, including Atlantic Foods, directly through FoodBAM. Running your business is hard enough. FoodBAM is here to save you time, money, and stress so you can get back to what really matters.

Reporting and Analytics

FoodBAM grants you access to the data that matters to your operation.  Access rich insights about the health of your restaurant by analyzing FoodBAM’s easy reporting and analytics dashboards.  The answers to your most important questions about pricing, product trends, rebates and inventory are available in our customizable data interface.

Recipe Costing and POS Integrations

FoodBAM already logs the prices you pay for every item — it’s only natural that you would combine those products into recipes to calculate accurate recipe costs.  From there, integrate FoodBAM with your POS to achieve a picture of Cost of Goods Sold — no calculators required!

Inventory Management

FoodBAM’s new Restaurant Inventory Management Software makes it easier than ever for chefs and general managers to take their restaurant’s inventory every time they order, instead of having to conduct one large inventory process at the end of each month or quarter.  FoodBAM digitizes your restaurant’s inventory so it’s logged, saved and stored in one place and one consistent format.


FoodBAM makes it easier than ever for restaurants to order from multiple vendors.  Chefs, owners and managers search their distributors’ catalogs and add items to order directly from their phones or computers.

Accounting and Receiving

FoodBAM helps make all of your business processes a breeze, including your accounting and receiving tasks.  With all of your order, pricing and inventory data in one handy place, it makes logical sense that FoodBAM users take advantage of our simple accounting integrations and receiving modules.