More Punch than Popeye on Spinach

The foodservice supply chain works really well for McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Universities, and other big buyers like the US Military. Giants have a lot of leverage and everybody snaps to their attention. But “independent” distributors and their equally-independent customers don’t enjoy multi-billion dollar buying power, truckload volumes, or cutting-edge technology. Until now.

FoodBAM combines the power of $5 billion in purchasing power with Amazon and Uber-type technologies that enable independents to do business and compete on a level playing field.  The days of “Big Food” domination are numbered.  FoodBAM brings power to the people who make this industry great. With serious cost savings, on-line ordering, credit card payment, virtual inventory, dynamic routing, big-data analytics, and sales & marketing support, FoodBAM puts you in the “big leagues.” You’ve just been promoted.  Congratulations!

Become a “BAM-stributor” today

“BAM-stributors” offer “National Chain” prices with local, personalized service.
FoodBAM levels the field for both independent distributors
and operators. By becoming a BAM-stributor, you graduate from fringe-dweller to “player.”

FoodBAM provides “unimaginable” advantages to
independent distributors… online ordering, virtual inventory, and deviated prices
on thousands of SKUs.  If you could add enough customers to double
your business and generally kick ass in your market, would you like that?

What Distributors Are Saying

Sarbari will be FoodBAM when it grows up.

Marketing Associate at Sysco Philadelphia

FoodBAM brings credibility to our “one-stop shop” offer. We really do have everything!

"Bam-stributor" sales manager

Five years ago if you’d told me about FoodBAM, I’d have called the police.

“Bam-stributor” owner/early adopter