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FoodBAM can Help Save the day!

Does restaurant inventory feel like that supervillain that just won’t go away? Have no fear, FoodBAM is here! Think of us as a vigilante all-in-one solution taking restaurant inventory and purchase data into our own hands. We’re a committed back of house solution that can defeat the frustration and stress you feel when determining recipe costing, figuring pack size conversions, and analyzing purchasing data. Chefs and restaurant owners can search their distributors’ product catalogs and add items to their orders from their phones or computers.  Purchase orders are routed to distributors in an easy, standardized format. All orders and prices are saved in the system, making re-orders a snap. That’s just a fraction of our superpowers. Request a demo today! After you complete the demo you will receive a FREE Boldric Green Canvas Knife Bag for the Chef on the move to carry his/her essential knives/kitchen tools!

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SO Who Are we?

We're FoodBAM! We are a restaurant inventory management software serving up simple tools for all types of operations. With FoodBAM, restaurants gain access to easy ordering, accounting, invoices, savings, inventory management, POS integrations and recipe costing, all in one place. We offer software and services that can be adapted in a matter of days, comes with great training and constant access to foodservice consultants, helping your operation save time or save money.