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Emerging Technology your Restaurant Needs

April 4, 2018 by FoodBAM Admin


Technology companies are finally penetrating the restaurant industry and offering smarter and better ways to order, deliver, and market their food and beverage. This long-overdue embrace of innovation is resulting in enhanced guest experience and a wealth of eye-opening business analytics for operators to act on.


Restaurants and Technology

Restaurateurs are consistently pushing the envelope and trying to find ways to improve their overall business systems. Enter Fattmerchant, a payment processing company that integrates with 99% of POS systems currently used by the industry and provides next day funding to keep the cash flow moving. FoodBAM, a mobile technology that allows restaurants to order from all of their vendors while comparing pricing, taking inventory, and building a treasure trove of data analytics. Tipzyy, also a mobile solution that educates your wait and bar staff on product while incentivizing them to upsell on targeted items.

These are just a few examples of emerging technology that directly impacts and improves day to day operations. For restaurant management, the incremental revenue, cost savings, and efficiencies these new tools are driving translates into positive results on their bottom lines. Faster and easier ordering for chefs means more time spent on product development. Front of house staff soft selling while engaging with guests and managers spending time on the floor instead of in the office tracking credit card payments, means happy customers eating a better product and enjoying world class service.

If you’re tempted to skimp on your restaurant’s technology investment, think again! The right technology can help your operation innovate, gain more fans among today’s digitally savvy customers, and save your team countless hours.

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