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At the heart of the FoodBAM application are the two things that are on every restaurant owner and chef’s mind: Saving Money and Saving Time.  FoodBAM was designed specifically to accomplish these two goals to help restaurants gain profitability, increase efficiency and put dollars back to the bottom line.

Eliminate the guess work

FoodBAM puts all of your distributors’ prices front and center so you can easily select the products that make the most economic sense for your operation.  Products from various manufacturers are also readily available.  Make informed price and quality decisions on everything from main ingredients to office supplies and disposables without having to check 4 different pricing guides, place 3 different phone calls, consult 2 magic 8-balls and smash your head against 1 very hard wall.

Rebates Ripe for the picking

FoodBAM integrates seamlessly with the largest Group Purchasing Organization in the country to help members earn cash back on the items they purchase every single day.  There’s literally nothing you have to do to earn this money other than complete one single form and then order through FoodBAM as you normally would.  FoodBAM handles the rest and provides your operation with ‘mailbox money’ that goes straight back to your bottom line.  Buy food and supplies, get cash back in the mail — It’s a short and very sweet story…


Inventory View

This is kind of FoodBAM's 'thing'.   Take your restaurant's inventory and prepare a food order, all from one screen.  This view provides an apples-to-apples comparison of products so chefs can find the best prices across multiple distributors.  Add items to your cart and bask in the glory of savings…

Savings Suggestions

Not all items are created equal - but many of them are pretty damn close!  Utilize FoodBAM's item matching and savings suggestions features to identify similar items to what you're currently buying that offer savings potential.  On commodity items like chicken, flour, butter and onions, it may be as simple as switching manufacturers or pack sizes.  On items that are more closely aligned to the flavors of your dishes, it may be worth checking out a different brand of mayonnaise, breading or hot sauce to see how it compares.  And on disposables like ramekins, napkins and - of course - toilet paper, it's a no-brainer to switch and save!

Rebate Opportunities

FoodBAM makes it easy to find items that qualify for Cash Back rewards.  Look for the green sticker on the top right corner of any product -- add it to your cart and watch the rebates pile up.  $1 on a case might not sound like all that much, but think about how that stacks up throughout the year -- you can add major savings to your bottom line, one case at a time.  That's easy-to-earn "mailbox money" that comes to you in a quarterly check that can easily be applied to payroll, equipment or a much-needed vacation!

Customer Stories

“Best software I’ve seen in the industry, I’m looking forward to growing with you”


CEO at City Greens, New Orleans, LA


“It used to take me hours to do my ordering, now I have it down to 15 mins thanks to FoodBAM!”

Richard Dennis

Chef/Owner at Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, MA

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