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Inventory Management

Easily count your inventory right from your mobile device. On-hand values are calculated automatically based on the purchase price.

Inventory As You Go

Your restaurant’s Chefs and Managers are already in the walk-in counting items to place orders – why not log those counts and have your restaurant’s inventory automatically updated.  Keeping track of your restaurant’s stocking as you go saves you from those late nights of counting items and makes it easier to solve problems and maximize your utilization.  FoodBAM’s inventory connects with our Recipe Costing feature to show restaurants their true Cost of Goods Sold.  Restaurant automation has arrived!

A Finger On the Pulse

If your restaurant only takes inventory once a month or once a quarter, it can be very difficult to solve problems like shrinkage, theft, waste or spoilage that may have occurred 3 weeks before the issue was identified.  By conducting inventory and stock management checks on a weekly or daily basis, you can solve problems by staying close to the source.  Plus, keeping a close eye on restaurant inventory lets you know what’s in stock and what’s at risk of spoiling – so you can set up specials and promotions to maximize the usage on the products already in your walk-in or storage area.  All you need to do is count your restaurant’s inventory, and FoodBAM will automatically calculate the value on hand.


Inventory, Digitized

No more printed out lists.  No more clipboards.  And no more late nights calculating the value of half a case of onions.  FoodBAM's restaurant inventory management system digitizes the entire inventory process, making inventory cleaner, quicker, easier and more accurate.

Par Levels

Set your restaurant's par levels and quickly and easily see what's in stock and what needs to be ordered.  Simply enter the current stock level and FoodBAM can easily add items to your order to bring you back up to par.

Shelf-to-Sheet Inventory Customization

The FoodBAM team builds your account to match exactly how your freezer or dry storage areas are organized.  Simple drag-and-drop features at the chef's fingertips allows for easy re-organizing and customizations. 

Customer Stories

“Best software I’ve seen in the industry, I’m looking forward to growing with you”


CEO at City Greens, New Orleans, LA


“It used to take me hours to do my ordering, now I have it down to 15 mins thanks to FoodBAM!”

Richard Dennis

Chef/Owner at Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, MA

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